Black and Leopard

DSC_9496Hi guys!  For this look, I kept things very simple with all black and added a leopard accent with my shoes.  If you follow me on Snapchat (“SkinnyHip”) and on Instagram Stories, here you will know that I’ve been ranting about my swollen feet.  I also mentioned it on one of my previous posts.  Yesterday, I went back to the gym after 3 weeks and did my 2 mile walk- to my surprise the swelling went down afterwards.  I read that since doing cardio helps a lot with the body’s blood flow, that also helps reduce body from swelling.  I was like “why didn’t anyone ever tell me?”  I was so excited because aside from being tired and lazy I haven’t gone to the gym before I was afraid my feet would get worse.  That’s my testimony for the day- PRAISE THE LORD!!DSC_9488DSC_9485DSC_9493DSC_9498Lip-Liner Lip Creme /Clutch (Top, also here /Skirt, More Maternity Options/ Shoes, Budget Friendly.

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One comment on “Black and Leopard

  1. Lauren Musinguzi July 25, 2017 3:47 pm

    You look gorgeous!! Congratulations by the way. It’s lovely to see so many bloggers getting pregnant.

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